Awesome People

Jane Davenport

This wonderful woman is how I learned to draw faces. The right instruction at the right time is amazing. Her positive, fun, bright and exuberant method is so easy. She has thoughtful and beautifully executed workshops that are truly fun. One great workshop teaches all about different art supplies (Supplies Me)


Flora Bowley

Bloom True E Course


My introduction to intuitive painting came from this wonderful woman. She is everything every level of artist needs. Positive, encouraging and bringing to life a new method of painting that enables everyone to learn about themselves as they paint. I highly recommend her Bloom True Class.



Leonie Dawson

Wild, Joyful and best of all VERY EFFECTIVE. Learn about your goals and creative Success. For several years I invested in Leonie's Life Planner. It is a highly anticipated start to my year. If you do nothing else try out this planner. 2016 Will be coming in October.

2015 Workbook

Leonie is Wild, Exuberant and truly fun as you learn about how to build your business.

(Please Note: I am an affiliate for both Flora and Leonie. I earn money from each referral. I only refer you because ILOVETHEM!!!)