Brandi Pratt is a native, South Texas Artist that works in acrylics, while venturing joyously into mixed media and watercolor. After graduating from Mary Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Texas she continued at Stephen F. Austin State University earning a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Art. After graduation she moved with her husband to Germany where she spent 5 years exploring the art history and the wine country of Europe. She began painting while living in Guam, participating in a creative co-operative. She now lives and works on her small organic vineyard, Mesquite Hill, just north of Mathis, Texas, raising honeybees and working her vines in-between painting.

The human soul craves ornamentation, it loves color, pattern and shape. The soul rests in blank spaces and finds joy in creation. I look around outside and see all of the things and want to capture that moment. Painting is more than just controlling your paints on canvas, it is an intimate study of your subject. How does it breathe. how does it move. How does it live.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions big or small!

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