A Day in the Life December 23, 2015 14:05

A day in the life

It is glorious being an artist. I get to have a job that I love. I am trying to make that a business. And it is a business. One that I have to separate my left and right brain on a daily basis.

Creation time is simply that free creation time and if I worry too much about what will sell etc my artwork suffers. I have to quiet my brain and work on what feels right. If I don’t the work isn’t inspired. If I do, it can be magical.

But when I put down my brush, my paintings become products and I immerse myself in website SEO, selling methods, retail prices and trying to get a licensing deal. Very much a business.

So a Day in my life.

I get up about 7:00 and get my first glorious cup of coffee. Cause really how do I survive otherwise. Sometimes I am awake before then and I check my email and social media in bed. If not I do it first thing while the coffee gets me awake and going. Then do some computer work. Budgeting website etc. Writing blog posts like this one. By 8:00 I try to get some painting in. At least some touches of something here or there. I often work on 5 or 6 paintings at a time and am waiting for stuff to dry so it works out.

I leave the house by 9:00 to go to my work as a contract artist at Loving Coastal Living. It is an hour drive and I don’t like the wasted time so I use the drive to listen to business books. I’ve recently listened to Michael Port, Twyla Tharp, Elizabeth Gilbert or one of my lessons downloaded from The Abundant Artist. I have a little recorder I use to take notes as I go and still drive safely.

From 10-5 I work making fun stuff with shells sea glass etc. Sometimes I have time to watch my school videos while I am constructing Christmas trees of tying garland. Right now I am taking a class on printing my own prints so I can make paintings more affordable to my customers.

5-6 on my way home I usually listen to a fun book or music for some down time.

6:00 What the hell do I make for dinner. Some clean up.  Painting if I can after then down time and bed. I usually get in bed about 9 and read a bit until I fall asleep.

The other three days of the week just depend on what is up. I try to paint every day. Especially Friday Sat and Sunday. Days like today I am researching a wide format printer. Doing budgeting and some House keeping. One of those days usually slips by due to household errands. Groceries etc. But my goal is to paint 52 paintings this year and each takes about 40 hours. (yes I keep track) This is a business

I really do work 7 days a week. And more hours than I think anyone realizes. I am constantly pinning, updating social media, developing ideas etc. in the inbetween times. I keep a recorder and a notebook on me always

So that is what my daily like looks like.