A Painting in Progress Trials and Tribulations December 13, 2015 21:27

It all starts here. Sorry about the pic turned to the side. I can't figure out how to fix it on Shopify and am to lazy to work on it right now. But at this point in the painting there is no up so... Its all good. 

Brandi Pratt Intuitive Painting flowers, wildheart color in progress 

Throwing paint at the canvas and making lots of marks, drips and colors. I am developing texture, colors and looking for what appeals to me. After I do this for a while then maybe i'll start to add some imagery. Then i may take it away. You can see some here that ended up covered up later. I use my fingers, brushes, corn cobs, sponges, stamps, scrapers you name it. The more the better. I started this at South Texas Market Days as a demo for my art booth. I got lots of finger painting comments but hey it was fun. ;-)

Then maybe i'll develop it some more. 


This is when things start to get hard for me. Cuase I really love it. I want it to stay looking great. Looking fresh. But I know it needs more. Much more. It needs simplifying and depth. I can freeze up here because I don't want to screw it up. And I have screwed many up. This part is harder for me than a blank canvas. With a blank canvas I am all ideas and fun and color. But here ug.The most important advice i can give here is to "Just keep swimming" Make marks. use translucent. Anything to keep moving forward. 

Brandi Pratt Intuitive flower painting.

 I'm not sure i like what is going on here. I feel like it is losing some of its depth. It needs connectivity. Sigh... I will go back to mark making and working my value contrast. But it is coming along. BTW to my artist buddies if you haven't used Holbein's Compose green and Peacock Blue you are missing out. They are yummy.