Practice Creativity October 31, 2015 21:38

Creativity takes practice.

Every time someone tells me “oh my gosh you are so creative I wish I could do that.” I have an answer of… you can. Or when I am feeling sarcastic.. “Have you tried” Talent to some degree is natural ability but every person (including the greats) has to practice. Not just their skill but the act of coming up with ideas. Creativity of all kinds takes practice. Being creative is important for its own sake. The act itself can be joy and is often its own reward. Really. It doesn’t matter if you suck. In fact the more you suck the less there is at stake other than your own ego. I suck at ballet, but I love it. And I practice it very seriously for its own sake. If a lighthearted approach is taken, creativity is for fun. As it should be. In fact one of the most important lessons I’ve had to learn is that if I tell myself, is that if I am just practicing it takes the pressure off to make something great, or sellable. I give myself permission to experiment and mess up. Creating is a joy and should be treated as such. Who cares if it is never something you are good at.

Is there anything in your life you have ever wanted try but didn’t because you couldn’t do it perfectly or someone might make fun of you. The only difference between me and you is that I was brave enough to try. Try it. You might surprise yourself. I certainly did.