Whats up in Brandiland February 22, 2015 15:37

Classes classes and more classes.

I am working on two classes by my favorite lady online, Jane Davenport @ janedavenport.com one called Joynal which address drawing faeries and fun stuff like that the other is starting March 1st called Beautiful faces and is how to draw fun beautiful whimsical faces!!! She rocks and you should come join me. Her best selling book has sold out on Amazon 3 times in the three weeks it has been out. Seriously she is awsomesause. Even if you CANT draw! You will be able to after meeting Jane. Take a teaser class. It is called Draw Happy! 

Check out her workshops here! http://janedavenport.com/all-workshops/


Right now I am working on my viticulture (grapevine biology) Site Assessment and development. Learning about soil development, organic farming and equipment needs as well as budgeting. (ick to the budgeting)

Its spring here in South Texas (Yes February is spring) and we are plowing our winter cover crops away into the dirt and settin up our garden. My grapevine buds are starting to swell (signs of impending sprouts) and we should start pruning them next week. (weather dependent) We planted potatoes last weekend and have been setting up our irrigation system before it gets critical and crazy hot.

My honeybees are doing ok. One hive is thriving and super busy and the other is just ok… she is going to be getting a new mommy soon. (re-queening)

And of course Painting. I am trying really hard to develop some stock for my store. And will be starting an in-progress page to share those with you.


I have to go build a garden planter.

Love, Brandi