Emotion on your wall February 04, 2016 08:50

You should never buy a piece of art unless it resonates with you. I have seen people buy because it fits into their design scheme. As a former interior designer this made lots of sense. As an artist it never does. I’m not that person anymore.

What people buyers, clients, Home owners want more than a home that looks good is a home that feels like their own. Would you rather hang something that you never really look at again or something that every time it catches your eye you feel something. A reaction, an emotion. My theory is that as a collector you should only buy what brings emotion into your home. Good art is an opinion that is subjective. So I have altered the definition of good art to a personal one.

Good art is something that brings an emotion to the individual viewer. Something they can’t stop looking at.

So what is good to me isn’t necessarily good to you. It is revolutionary I know. But I really believe you should have a personal connection or story in every piece that makes it into your space. This brings emotion into your home. It is the difference from a designed space and a home.