Creative Challenges January 12, 2016 08:00

One of my goals this year is to challenge myself. New techniques, methods, medium. 

I have been putting off realistic painting. I've touched the edges with Magic. And even in my abstract work I take pictures in black in white through the process to make sure there is some depth. But this is different this is very different. 

Oils. I haven't tried oils either because I am intimidated by them. I don't know why I waited so long. Once I got a lesson online for some general use instruction off I went. And my those are fun. Blending blending blend. Subtle color adjustments. 

Here it is. Stage 1 one of my realistic painting experiment. I choose a subject I love. (A horse I love) so I would have more incentive to finish even when I got frustrated. 

It begins with an image. I traced it onto some toned canvas. This canvas isn't stretched and is from a pad I had laying around. 

Underpainting. I used an old technique of watered down black acrylic paint to create a tone map. 

Yeah it needed adjustments and to be fixed so here is the updated version. 

Starting to add color. Interesting thing about this is that every red brown also has other colors to go with it. Purples and blues. Reds obviously and yellows. 

Creative Challenge Brandi Pratt Horse Painting Oil Art Canvas

Here is the end of day one. Painting will continue with an additional layer or two and a background etc. The ears need adjustment. But I am so tickled by this I am excited. I loved the oils. you can keep adding color and blending and making adjustments endlessly. It was great!!

Love Lots,