Creative Oppertunity January 22, 2016 08:00

If creativity is ingenuity then a blank canvas is an opportunity. I think this is the most important thing about creativity. It is our creative spirit that has shaped America. New ideas are the very basis of ingenuity. How to construct something, build something, learn something. As more and more creative education is being reduced in America I think it is even more critical to bring creative thinking and activity into the home. No one is too old or too young for the benefits that a creative session has. It is therapeutic, educational and brain developing and simply one of the most beautiful things to experience. Invest in yourself.

One of the most things said to me most often is that I wish I was creative or that I had your talent. This statement makes me want to have a time out. A stop right there do not pass go moment. Everyone is creative. But expressing creativity takes courage. Having creative ideas takes practice. Wishing for it is an excuse.

So be brave, try something out that you have always wanted to do. Practice being creative. The more you practice the more ideas will flow to you with regularity. It isn’t that you don’t have ideas, it is that you ignore them, Can’t hear them or don’t write them down. In order to have a good idea you must have lots of ideas. It doesn’t matter if you are not good at what you want to do. The act of doing it is the reward.

Goddess Girl by Brandi Pratt